expansion tank vessel

expansion tank vessel

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expansion tank vessel

Elektroflash   Turkey
Posted Date: October 6, 2008
we are the producer and exporter of expansion vessels ,storage tanks from 2liters till 5.000liters.
Please feel free to contact us for all your inquiries.


Order Information

Location: Turkey
Minimum Order: 1
Price for Minimum Order: 1
(This price is only for minimum order. for large quantities, please contact)

Sample Available: no

Payment & Price Terms: upon your request
Delivery Lead Time: prompt
Quality/Safety Certifications: all international certification are available


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Contact Information

Mrs. aynur nisa
Company: Isisan engineering mfg
Address: perge bulvari no:32, antalya, , Turkey
Telephone: 90-242-3111111
Fax: 90-242-3130808

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